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One Stop Online Vape Shop – Welcome to Way to Go.

Now you can enjoy the luxury of one of the best online e vape shops in South Africa right here on your preferred online device. No more stressing about where to buy e cigarettes, simply find us online. We only stock the best electronic cigarettes for your peace of mind.

Below are all our products organised into 4 main categories to assist you in finding what you need fast, remember that we are just an e-mail away if you cannot find what you are looking for in our Vape Shop because we care about your satisfaction.

Popular Electronic Cigarette Product Categories

Order today and we will have your parcel shipped within 24 hours by our fullfillment partner It is our promise to get your e-cigs or e-liquids to you fast and in good condition…

Everybody says the vaping supplies the buy for Way to Go is of superior quality, so do not hesitate click through our online shop and select your favourite e-cigarette and e-liquids today!

Electronic Cigarettes – The Healthy WAY TO GO
• Certified Quality our product is manufactured to the highest standards
• Stylish, Elegant design makes our e-cigarettes a fashion accessory.
• Low Maintenance costs, due to our innovative manufacturing upgrades.
• No Tar (The main contributor to health hazards caused by smoking)
• Select the nicotine level that suits you we offer 0mg, 8mg and 12mg
• Select from our large range of e-liquids with all kinds of flavours e.g. fruit, tobacco and sweets & deserts, a vape shop near you all the time
• Our E liquids are manufactured to the highest safety standards!
Plus batteries, chargers, coils, atomizers and more… YOUR ONE STOP ONLINE VAPE SHOP

Top Vaping Featured Products

Be sure to read through the interesting articles in our blog, answering questions like “how safe are e cigarettes”  and what are the best vaping kits for you to start with. For the novice I do recommend you have a look at the reasonable ecig kits we have on offer because it gives you everything you need in one kit, all you have to do is sit back inhale and enjoy.

We offer a wide variety of e-liquids from the popular cigarette flavours to yummy alternatives like berry and bubblegum. You can also choose between 0mg, 08mg up to 12mg nicotine strength. We are currently offering a special of 2 extra e-liquids of your choice with every Pro-Elite Starter Pack purchased. All the top selling vapor liquids in one place…quality guaranteed only top premium e juice.

If stop smoking is what you are after our tasty nicotine free vapor liquid is just what you are after. There are a host of health benefits in cutting the tobacco habit one being the dangerous chemicals like tar that you no longer inhale into your lungs.

One of the fantastic features we had our manufacturers build into our models is a tighter close and more thread on the oils container to ensure minimal spillage and leakage. Backed up with a host of accessories like batteries, replacement tubes, USB chargers, car chargers, wall chargers and assortment of mouth pieces and a stylish carry case you need not look any further for your vaping supplies.

In the end there are really only two types of people in this world, those who happily vape and enjoy a quality product and those who spill their e-liquids and cuss because they did not get a Way to Go e-cigarette kit.

Important! Please make use of the review function on our product pages, we would love to get your feedback good and not so good be cause it’s only when we communicate that we will know how to satisfy you better.

I’m sure you have heard of Murphy’s Law, so if for some reason Murphy intervened in your order we apologise and ensure you we will go out of our way to ensure that your problem is rectified and that you are another happy Way to Go customer.